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Jon says:
[quote:xr3ngifd]And that right there is our problem. You really don’t care what we have to say. You’re not interested in learning in what the TRUE Catholic position is. You have your preconceived notions and that’s good enough for you. Now you’ve come to “evangelize” us. [/quote:xr3ngifd]

So first comes the “pride” issue, next comes the “anger” followed by the closed minds? I have been truthful, flowed along with the talk, but it appears to me like you are done? Why is that? So is this board like the rest – [b:xr3ngifd][color=darkred:xr3ngifd]”not open, our minds are made up,don’t tell us anymore!” [/color:xr3ngifd][/b:xr3ngifd]

All I can do is try, have a nice eternity, you’ll know where to find me at