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[quote:38t3zmiq]What I understand is that the Roman Catholic Church is juzt another deception for so many that desire to be with the Biblical Jesus Christ.[/quote:38t3zmiq]
And that right there is our problem. You really don’t care what we have to say. You’re not interested in learning in what the TRUE Catholic position is. You have your preconceived notions and that’s good enough for you. Now you’ve come to “evangelize” us.

[quote:38t3zmiq]What irks me is that so many have this thing called pride that doesn’t allow for them to see I am not the enemy, I simply love God and as He desires, He wishes that all could be saved. I spent 40+ years as a good Catholic until I looked at Scriptures for myself. The difference is there if one swallows their pride long enough to consider the consequences.[/quote:38t3zmiq]
Wow, speak for yourself, dude. I think you have pride issues of your own.