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Peace be with all!

My thoughts on this are more metaphysical, the definition for this I like is:

It means that which is beyond what can be grasped by the senses. The term comes from Aristotle, who meant by it some form of theological philosophy, but it means something else in today’s world. The modern media often use the word to mean the same thing as ‘spiritual’. There is lots of overlap, but the two words refer to different things. ‘Spiritual’ refers to the realm of spirits. ‘Metaphysical’ refers to that which underlies everything, of which spirits are a part. Metaphysics’ deals with questions like, “what is real?”, “what is important?” and “what is true?”.

We tend to think of Spiritual matters as Ghosts and Ghasts. This type of thinking is bound to dimensional concepts. Since God created ALL, and outside his creation (which includes time and our reality), then I feel that the Union of the Soul and Body exists non-dimensional. Therefore it is a mystery to us and beyond our comprehension. Just because we cannot conceptualize or understand an idea or concept with our knowledge does not make it so.

Quite frankly, any God I can understand, needs close investigation and I need to be confined to a nice padded room!