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[quote:3ibhth32]like i know you said that we don’t know and that God is the only judge, but how do you put forth your best effort to earn salvation and spend eternity with him?[/quote:3ibhth32]
I and Victor know what you mean by this, but I wanted to point out that you do not technically earn your salvation.

The catholic* model of salvation can be summed up as follows: we are saved by grace through a faith that works.

[quote:3ibhth32]do you not believe in the verse i stated and that someone who does not accept Christ ever can still go to heaven?[/quote:3ibhth32]
Ultimately, all who would go to heaven must accept Christ.

[quote:3ibhth32]now my question, i don’t know what fundamentalist protestant means…can you fill me in please?[/quote:3ibhth32]
Fundamentalist Protestants tend to take a hyperliteral or literalist view of the Bible while other Protestants and Catholics take a literal view of the Bible. One of the best ways to explain the difference between literalist and literal comes from John Martignoni, one of my favorite apologists:

If the Bible said it was raining cats and dogs, what would you take that to mean?

Someone who reads the Bible literally would figure out the meaning by examining the forms of expression and sayings utilized during the time of the author. He would conclude that it means there was plentiful rain.

Someone who reads the Bible literalistically would take that to mean that cats and dogs were falling from the sky like rain.

Do you see how a literalistic reading of the Bible could lead to the belief we were discussing above? The Bible says believe and you are saved. They take that at face value and come up with instant and irrevocable salvation, which both you and I know is not what the Bible teaches. Salvation is a life-long process.

And just to clear up one more thing:

[quote:3ibhth32]You sound catholic.[/quote:3ibhth32]
When you see catholic with a small c, it means the orthodox Christian faith that Catholics and most Protestants agree upon. The Trinity would be an example of a small-c catholic belief.