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hey after some more thought, i’m thinking that you guys are basing that protestants think they’re going to heaven automatically when they accept Christ because of the verse, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one gets to the Father but by Me.” I’ve talked about this verse before on here, and ya, protestants strongly believe in that verse. Well what we, or atleast I think of that verse is that ya, you only get to heaven if you accept Christ. but that’s not all. God is our heavenly father. if you went up to your earthly father and said “I love you dad,” and then slapped him in the face, do you think that your message got through?? do you think your dad feels like you love him?? no way. same thing with our heavenly father. if we accept him, and then live our lives totally unlike him, or “slap him in the face,” not a chance do we have salvation. so in a nutshell can someone please tell me how catholics think they’re going to heaven? like i know you said that we don’t know and that God is the only judge, but how do you put forth your best effort to earn salvation and spend eternity with him? do you not believe in the verse i stated and that someone who does not accept Christ ever can still go to heaven? do you think that the bible is right or partly right? what other things do you believe grants you salvation?

i’d appreciate your thoughts.