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[quote:3j44dnib]I am not even sure I have this society named correctly—-I became a Catholic after VaticanII.[/quote:3j44dnib]

The official name is the Society of Saint Pis the Tenth. or, for short SSPX.

[quote:3j44dnib]I understand that this group went against Papal instructions by allowing Latin Mass in dioceses where Bishops had forbade it. [/quote:3j44dnib]

What happened was that Bishop le… well it was something like “febrevre” but I can’t pronounce it or spell it :oops: sry. lol Well anayway, what happened was that he didn’t too much like the whole Vatican II thing so he was doing ltos of stuff he wasn’t supposed to. However, the thing that got him excommunicated was not celebrating Mass or anythign like that. It was because he attempted to consecrate priests–and then Bishops–against the whill of the Pope. Because of this he and his followers were excommunicated.

[quote:3j44dnib]This group was excommunicated—-am I correct.[/quote:3j44dnib]

Indeed. Although it took a while.

[quote:3j44dnib]In the news is that Pope Benedict is reaching out and possibly lifting the excommunication of this group. [/quote:3j44dnib] Ihadn’t heard this, actually. You have anywehre I can read about it? I can’t see him lifting the excommuncation unless they re-asserted their allegience the the Magisterium and the Pope. That was the problem in teh first place. Not that the ywere celebrating Mass incorrectly (the Latin Mass is entirely and completely and totally valid) but because Le Ferbeververkebr (lol) went deliberatly disobeyed the Pope.