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Elkabong, I confess to you as a brother in Christ that this is not isolated in protestant communities. Catholics also are uncharitable in their approach.
My only point is that catholics spend [b:39u12ds5]most[/b:39u12ds5] all their time on defense from attacks from outsiders. Misunderstandings are to be expected. Attacks without wanting to understand is another story.

Even if I do agree with catholics I would caution them in their approach. This is after all, one of the reasons why I said “don’t forget to love” in another post. Please forgive me if you took this as more then just an honest observation….. :oops:

I will extend charity to you and all as long as I am on this earth. As Corithians says that without Love you have nothing. No matter how right you are.

One of my goals coming into the RCC (although I confess I haven’t always done a good job) is to change the tone of dialogue between both Catholic and non-catholic alike. Extending love toward neighbor.

God alone knows our hearts.