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[quote:3dmkmpw9]As a good Presbyterian, I am supposed to answer in the negative, since there is that pesky doctrine about Predestination.[/quote:3dmkmpw9]

I understand. But personally that was always a doctrine that bothered me. For a variety of reasons that I’m sure you have heard before. But it bothering me is not the reason as to why I stopped believing in it. Just don’t think it’s taught in the Bible or taught by historic Christendom.

[quote:3dmkmpw9]But I think we’re swimming in it, frankly. I think we’re inundated with God’s grace, if we’d just pay attention. If it wasn’t that way, I think I’d likely be good and dead by now![/quote:3dmkmpw9]

When you say WE, I’m assuming you are saying [i:3dmkmpw9]true believers[/i:3dmkmpw9], right? I agree with you that Grace is always available to those who respond to it, but I would disagree that it’s specifically for believers. That is if that is what you mean.

But even within the believers is Grace totally dependent upon the believers response or can God turn up the fire to kinda get his/her attention even more? This is indeed doing something MORE for a person, because we all know that God has done that in the Bible. And he doesn’t do it to all of us exactly the same. Some of us may just need a little bit of grace in order to respond. Others need an ear pulling for God to get our attention. Then others don’t respond at all.

Hope that clarifies things.

The Least