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[quote:qezu3xcy]If Jesus is the one and only Son of God, I and most of you believe, then their is no reason for the pope. The pope is merely a man voted into a position by other men. Jesus is the mediator, not some idol called the pope. The Pope and his constituents make rules to govern a catholic life when Jesus said all that is need is in the bible.[/quote:qezu3xcy]

Some christains claim, “The Bible is all I need.” but this notion is not taught in the Bible itself. In fact, the Bible teaches the contrary idea (2 Pet. 1:20-21, 3:15-16). the “Bible alone” therory was not believed by anyone in the early Church.

It is new, having arisin only in the 1500s during the Protestant reformation. The theroy is a “tradition of of Men” that nullifies the Word of God, distorts the true role of the Bible, and undermines the authority of the Church Jesus established (Mark 7:1-8 ) .

Although popular with many “Bible Christains” churches, the Bible alone” theory simply does not work in practice. Historical experience disproves it. Each year we see additional splintering among “Bible-believing” religions.

Today there are tens of thousands of compeating denominations, each insisting its interpertation of the Bible is the correct one. The resulting divisions have caused untold confusion among millions of sincere but mislead Christains. Just open up the Yellow Pages of your telephone book and see how many different denominations re listed, each claiming to go by the “Bible alone,” but no two of them agreeing on exactly what the Bible means. We know this for sure: The Holy Spirit cannot be the author of this confusion (1 Cor. 14:33). God cannot lead people to contradictory beliefs because his truth is one. The conclusion? The “Bible alone” theory must be false.

The above was taken from Pillar of Fire Pillar of Truth booklet. For more Catholic Answers and to obtain this booklet, please go to http://www.catholic.com.