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Augustine, I can’t seem to get you to clearly answer my question. I don’t really see that we disagree in Baptism. So why inflame something we agree on? Here is an article that may clarify things-
An Agreed Statement of The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation[/url:lq52kmpf]

The last paragraph reads:

[quote:lq52kmpf]The Orthodox and Catholic members of our Consultation acknowledge, in both of our traditions, a common teaching and a common faith in one baptism, despite some variations in practice which, we believe, do not affect the substance of the mystery. We are therefore moved to declare that we also recognize each other’s baptism as one and the same. This recognition has obvious ecclesiological consequences. The Church is itself both the milieu and the effect of baptism, and is not of our making. This recognition requires each side of our dialogue to acknowledge an ecclesial reality in the other, however much we may regard their way of living the Church’s reality as flawed or incomplete. In our common reality of baptism, we discover the foundation of our dialogue, as well as the force and urgency of the Lord Jesus prayer “that all may be one.” Here, finally, is the certain basis for the modern use of the phrase, “sister churches.” At the same time, since some are unwilling to accept this mutual recognition of baptism with all its consequences, the following investigation and explanation seems necessary.[/quote:lq52kmpf]

Do you recognize this?