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Deal. That’s why I love ya James <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />
[quote:10d30rj0]I dare say the phrase ‘Photian schism’ would pass you by unremarked also though, given the position of Photios as a saint in my Church, I think I could legitimately find that insulting.[/quote:10d30rj0]
For the record…. I have not, and will not use that phrase…. in one of our first conversations at RF(if memory serves) we chatted about St. Photios. His feast day is one of the issues that still irks the Roman Catholic Church in relation to unity, ……but that’s a non-issue with me personally.

OK, that out of the way, I think we’ve gone as far as we can on the EC topic…. if you have any questions that you feel are not getting answered, I would be happy to help….. you know where to find me.