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No, I’m not singing a song.

Please remember that your aunt may very well think that YOU are the one trapped in error.

I think that it might be a good tactic to simply remember that the RC tradition of faith has a “from the start” history and defines the existence of Protestant/Evangelical churches, whether they admit to that or not. Forget the defensive position, imho!

You’ll likely find yourself immersed in discussions that [u:1sd2fghu]she[/u:1sd2fghu] starts.

While I no longer hold completely to the Reformed teaching on Predestination, I do acknowledge that ‘no one comes to Me except the Father call him,” as Jesus said. God has a fatherly interest in the formation of Christ in His children. He’s more involved in this concern than you are, even! I can testify to the truth that the Hound of Heaven on your trail is a formidable tracker.

I believe that Pentecostalism has long shown a tendency toward error and apostasy (denying the doctrine of the Trinity, etc.) and the only way that the individual maintains this belief system is through constant immersion in it. The charismatic renewal, I believe, is directly responsible for the orders of magnitude increase in the sales of books and music, because of this need for constant reinforcement to maintain their system.

It is a possible strategy to simply give voice to your spiritual growth, trials and triumphs both, with dignity and calmness. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that she starts the debate. Put on the whole armor of God, bro’, as us Presbocathopalians say!