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You know, Victor, I went through a period that I really thought I might join the RC Church, and, as you’ve probably gathered from other posts, am very sympathetic to and celebratory of you guys. I happen to have a family that was raised old time Baptist, and they still refer to “papists” and the whore of Babylon in Rome. So you might say I have a view from the “other” side.

I recently met an Hipanic guy who was the foreman of a crew abating asbestos on my mental health campus (no, I’m not committed here, I work here!) and he left the RC church for a pentecostal church. It happens to be one that even I as a protestant don’t think is scriptural in all their doctrine. The only thing I gathered, however, is that this guy had a real love for Jesus, and he put that first before anything else. Perhaps that should be the focus of your interaction with your aunt — forget, when you can, the differences and focus on sharing Christ. That, I tend to think, will run circles around apologetic debate.