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[quote:39hvjlg3][quote:39hvjlg3]Not only has the innovation of purgatory been condemned several times in the east, but there simply is no room in my theology for a God who will forgive us, but only after he’s tortured us for a bit first. [/quote:39hvjlg3]
What the heck are you talking about? “tortured us”?????? :shock: I don’t think you have any idea about what RC believe about purgatory.
[quote:39hvjlg3]Nor is there room for the pseudo-god ‘Necessity’ that seems to bind the hands of the God of Scholasticism. [/quote:39hvjlg3]
James…. it’s stuff like this that drives people crazy…. you make a judgement about the RCC that is about 200 years behind current teaching…. but if I call you on it, you just say “ooops, I was a Lutheran, sorry”……[/quote:39hvjlg3]


I’m sorry if my post has maddened you. If my understanding of Purgatory is mistaken perhaps you could explain it to me? I don’t claim to know RC teachings inside and out (and my ‘I was a Lutheran’ comments are not meant to justify misunderstandings but merely to explain them – I thought you realised that?).

The torture comment, and the deified Necessity idea are both based on my understanding of Purgatory as a place we must (necessity) go if we die with certain sins on our soul to be punished before God is able to forgive us. If my understanding is wrong then I’d appreciate it if you could explain why.

I am not trying to be inflammatory about this at all, but I think that our differences on this are more than just terminology. If not, then I don’t understand why you have a teaching on purgatory at all. We don’t and have never seen the necessity to have one. I do not believe that God has to do anything in order to forgive us (which includes punishing or purifying us) and I don’t believe that an all-loving God would choose to punish us prior to forgiving us. Outside of these two ideas, I cannot understand the justification for purgatory, but if you can accept these two points and still believe in purgatory then, you’re right I probably do misunderstand current RC teachings. Any clarification of the RC position would be very gladly received. I am not seeking to argue with you for argument’s sake, I simply do not understand.