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Hey guys…. now that I have been blessed with the core of our RCC “dream team”… hehehe…. I’d like to propose a few “ground rules”.

1. Let’s not disagree in public… if you have a problem with an anothers post, let’s meet [b:xti9zcl9]here[/b:xti9zcl9] and work it out. I think it’s important for us to remain unified and not seem unsure of our faith.

2. Maybe we can ask Jon to create a Members Only group for us here… a sub-forum were we can truly be private and work on strategy…. I don’t know him all that well, maybe one if you two know him well?

3. Charity above all else…… RF is my home and I would appreciate it if we can all be effective examples of Catholics there… not only in teaching the faith, but also by the example of our charity and prudence. Send me a private message if you see me losing my temper, and I’ll do the same for you guys.

Any other ideas….. this is pretty cool to have a “team”…. I pray you guys feel the same way.