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[quote:kgob7hy3]PS-Scott, does he seem to think me that and Stephen (uncertaindrummer) aren’t competent enough?[/quote:kgob7hy3]
Well, first… thanks to you and Stephen for the kind words about my message to Robert.

I don’t think Robert has doubts about you two…. but he has known me for a month or two…. maybe he’s more comfortable with me.

I actually “recruited” him from an anti-Catholic forum…. he’s a good guy and I think actually is interested in learning.

He, like so many others, are so entrenched in the false doctrines of the Protestant faith that no amount of apologetics may be enough to get him “to wake up and smell the Eucharist!” <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

I pray for him and all of our separated brethren.