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[quote:3qbn2uje] But I am still a bit confused why you or anybody would challenge the an infallible Church teaching.[/quote:3qbn2uje]
No one (no Catholic) should…. I don’t believe I ever discussed this topic or in the dissent thread [b:3qbn2uje]in the context of [/b:3qbn2uje]an infallible Church teaching.
[quote:3qbn2uje]Is this a fair scenerio of what you were trying to say about dissenting?[/quote:3qbn2uje]
Not at all…. and quite of the topic of this thread….. sorry, I’m a Moderator at another board and I can’t bring myself to drift this thread…. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> …. I’ll get to the dissent thread eventually.