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[quote:3v5hmqkp]…. but your conscience is inseperable from the supernatural law and grace (you said so yourself)…. so how/why could/would you turn away from grace?[/quote:3v5hmqkp]

I don’t know why [b:3v5hmqkp]I[/b:3v5hmqkp] would, I just know that I can say NO.

[quote:3v5hmqkp]Well….. pep rally aside, I do see your point….. I hope you can see mine as well….. I do believe the “answer” is somewhere in the middle.[/quote:3v5hmqkp]

In the middle? No I don’t see it. Please clarify.

[quote:3v5hmqkp]If means of salvation are found outside the visible confines of the Catholic Church…. then why are dissent and the formation of conscience being viewed here as such a bad thing?[/quote:3v5hmqkp]

Formation of conscience is not bad at all. What I have difficulty with is seeing how you can dissent and form your conscious at the same time. How can dissenting from the Church form your conscious?