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Thanks for the replies…. but most of you seem to be missing the point.
[quote:35am9ah3]opinion does not equal conscience.[/quote:35am9ah3]
Never said it did…. explain, please.
[quote:35am9ah3]We have to form our consciences in the correct way. If we form our conscience agaisnt Churhc Teachings, that is a sin.[/quote:35am9ah3]
I think it is quite ridiculous to assert that conscience is not of God, but a human construct that we can shape at will…. true, conscience is something that needs to be “fed”, but to assume that anyone who has a question of conscience with a Church teaching somehow “did it on purpose” is not logical.
[quote:35am9ah3]These matters are settled and you either submit to the Churches wisdom or you don’t.[/quote:35am9ah3]
Never said that a person should not submit…. I am asking what the proper forum should be for a person who is trying to educate themselves…. assent is something quite less than total agreement, as I’m sure you know… so how does someone who assents to a Church teaching, but their conscience is leading them towards dissent…. what do they do?

Peace in Christ,