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[quote:30msmkuy]do you remember telling yourself that 5 mph over the speedlimit is alright, the cops wont pull you over…[/quote:30msmkuy]
5, 10, 15… pick one ha ha ha :lol:

[quote:30msmkuy]Not exactly a good example. Often, going five miles over the speed limit is NECESSARY, because you could potentially cause more damage by “following the law” than by “breaking it”.[/quote:30msmkuy]
I do and I don’t agree, but I know what you mean. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

[quote:30msmkuy]Also, it is not a sin to break the speed limit. It simply isn’t. It is a MORTAL sin to contracept.[/quote:30msmkuy]
That’s debateable. The point Siberian brought up was a good one. We are to respect the authority over us and that means respecting the law of the land. The teaching of the 4th Commandment in the Catechism tells us that “Honor your father and mother” goes beyond familial authority. The expanded teaching on the commandment is to respect all authority over us. So, one could argue that by breaking the speed limit you are breaking a Commandment. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />