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I am member of our local church, and he (my nephew) does attend with myself or with my brother and his wife in a different town. He goes there to work his livestock for 4-H. My husbands sister, and mother are Greek Orthodox, & his father is Roman Catholic (so he gets me:D), They are all 3 not a really active influence in his life. So I took the ball, and am teaching him Catholisism (sp). After all my husband and I are the ones raising him !!
He supprots my actions, as he is not an active member of his Greek Orthodox Church. Besides the two are somewhat similar.
I could go on and on, all of my anger and resentment about that subject, how your sister passes..leaves a child behind, and you just go on about your way, never minding you have crushed the spirit of the very child that once worshiped you. By promise breaking after promise breaking. My husbands mother, does talk to him on Tuesday nights, and is somewhat plugged in, just from a distance) I could go on and on, however that would take energy that I have already exhausted & refuse to exhaust anymore on that issue. I have tried and tried to rectify that whole thing. I tried staying in the background thing, as to not “taint” my siste-in -law and my nephew’s bond, that was a waste of a year, so now I am off to what is best for OUR family.
Thanks again…..that was sort of therapitic.