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This isn’t really evolution as I generally think of it, but rather survival according to external factors. Can anyone think of an example of an animal that is currently going thru a DNA change? Where the acids within are literally changing or even rearranging themselves. From my understading there is nothing like that known to man. Anything we have now had some kind of intelligent intervention. Nevertheless, if they do manage to find something that is going thru a POSITIVE DNA alteration which is making the species grow wings or something of that manner, it would not shatter my faith… <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />


Well why would the DNA of an animal have to change if it is living in it’s natural environment??? The only way I see DNA changing is by mixing different breeds, to create something different. That’s how the American Boxer (dog) was created. See if the strongest, fittest, and smartest were the ones to survive then after that group you’d get an even better form of the speices, and oh I dont know in a million years or so you’d get from a dinasour to an alligator or something. If the mixture of a species creates a a weaker animal or an animal that can’t survive in the environmental conditions that there buddies are living in then it would die off and we’d never hear of it again. How else is evolution going to take place?…

To me, it doesn’t make sense that some animal a long long long time ago decided that “Hey, I want to eat from the trees above not the bushes or grass, so I’m gonna stretch my neck and hopefully one day I’ll have a long neck and in a million years my relatives can eat from the tree” (Giraffe)… Does that make sense at all??? Not to me. [b:mpj998lv]I’m basically agreeing with you here…lol <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> [/b:mpj998lv]