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Well said and I agree Marc. Either way your still left without an answer about “In the beggining”.

For me, I had a bigger problem with microevolution then macro. And I really held an open mind on this one. Short story….

While going to school, my professor who was a topnoch doctor from USC was puffed up with her involvement with “Lucy” and some fellow named White who is on the frontline of searching for missing links and such. Anyways, long story short, she was explaning to us about mutations and how they happen. Towards the end I noticed that all the mutations she was talkin about were “negative mutations” as they call them. Like a person who has mental retardation and such. So I asked a simple question which led to the following dialogue:

[b:2wb9iirm]Me:[/b:2wb9iirm]”Do you have an example of a positive mutation?”
[b:2wb9iirm]Doctor:[/b:2wb9iirm] “The mutation of ape to man”
[b:2wb9iirm]Me:[/b:2wb9iirm] “I mean something I can see now”
[b:2wb9iirm]Doctor:[/b:2wb9iirm] “Well, it takes millions of years”
[b:2wb9iirm]Me:[/b:2wb9iirm] “I know, but shouldnt we see atleast phases or something”
[b:2wb9iirm]Doctor:[/b:2wb9iirm] “Well, not necessarily”
[b:2wb9iirm]Me:[/b:2wb9iirm] “Well I’m just saying that man has been putting things into writing for some 400 centuries atleast and we have seen nothing.”
[b:2wb9iirm]Doctor:[/b:2wb9iirm] “It could be something at a molecular level that we may not be able to see without technology”
[b:2wb9iirm]Me:[/b:2wb9iirm] “Well, my head is shaped kinda of odd. So odd that I’m betting that if they found my remains I would be either a step back or a step forward in evolution”

Conversation went on, but I’ll leave it at that.