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[quote:1nvweq7s]Good to have you Marc. Some of us here come from similar backgrounds. We will try our best to answer any questions if you find out that it was not indegestion, but the Lord leading you back to “Rome Sweet Home”.
Deffinately keep you in my prayers.


PS-Just curious, what did they do that was so whacko?[/quote:1nvweq7s]

Thanks for the warm greeting, Victor.

Most of the whackiness and controversy revolved around disagreements concerning spiritual gifts and whether or not they were appropriate for the church today. When we started at that church, they were Cessasionists, but slowly over time began embracing the sign gifts. While I don’t personally have a problem with this, it caused much agnst and many people left. There were also some scandals involving one of the pastors and a disagreement he had with the other leaders that led to him being “cast out”…we grew weary of the drama and left ourselves.

In other words, the place didn’t feel very much like a rock.