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[color=darkblue:9c8jwofp]I have to say that it’s great to see people wanting to spread the gospel. God knows the harvest is always more fruitful than the number of workers in the field. There are so many people with terrible misconceptions of the church and so many with no hope or life at all. <img decoding=” title=”Cool” />

I’m really praying about helping with my parish’s adult faith formation if I can, because it’s an area that really seems to have a need, and I have really been turned on by studying the faith and why we believe what we do. I hope to give others the tools to do that so no one misleads them or their kids out of the Catholic Church. Sadly, therer are people who seem to think that’s what they should do. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />
Here’s some great sites that help:[/b:9c8jwofp][/color:9c8jwofp]