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In the Catholic churches I have been a member in (several due to moving in the past 10 years) you can call the office or set up a time to come in and meet with the secretary or Priest ( because I’m from a smaller community I was easily able to meet our priest, maybe in large cities that is more difficult?) anyways, they just had me sign like my name, home address, phone number, any interests I might have like joining choir, teaching youth groups, reader, server, usher, and then they ask you if you’ll take a turn on the funeral committee, um, they also wanted to know the ages of my kids, when they were baptised, where was I baptised, my origianl home church, they gave me a welcome pamplet that told about some programs our church has and groups, info. on the gradeschool, Religous Education times, numbers to call if you are having troulbe meeting people, oh, you name it they were just really awesome and that was it for me, here where I live now, I was followed up with a call several weeks later by a member and asked if I was doing ok and meeting people at church and feel welcomed, etc. I thought that was really nice to know they cared and wanted to know I felt welcomed, I don’t know if enough of that is done and for some people that is so important.
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