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It has been some time since JP2 became Pope. I can’t remember anyone predicting that JP2 would be the one. Nor can I remember anyone predicting that JP1 would be the one. Was it not a surprise to everyone? Or was I just too unaware at the time?

So I have heard this theory about Cardinal Arinze before. People seem to think that Africa is the next ‘Russia’ so to speak in terms of the Holy Spirit’s focus. Someone who understands Africa the way JP2 understood Poland and the Eastern bloc seems, according to many, indicated for our Church. Has the focus on communism ended? Is Asia not interesting? I guess Africa has such a spectrum of needs and banners. There is certainly the AIDS epidemic, the genocides, the war-affected children, Islam, and other things which do not come to mind. Or are we moving toward a focus on international terrorist cartels? In what region would a potential pope emerge for that?

But I meander. I basically know nothing about how popes are chosen. Nothing at all. Right now I am just worried about the one we have. I will miss him so much when God calls him home.