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Since one of my bosses is on the advisory board for priests I am privy to a bit of “inside information”. One of the priests did not retire or resign because of the gays and lesbians things, in fact I don’t think he had anything to do with that, but rather he was getting very, very tired. Apparently he felt overworked and just needed a break from the parish – understandable. Many priests are getting burnt out these days because there aren’t enough of them to go around.

I’m not sure if advocating married or woman priests is entirely a bad thing – it is certainly worthy of discussion. Now, if this priest consumes homily time pushing this agenda, then I think he should move on to other topics.

[quote:1skf4dhb]what happens to the faith formation of achild who goes to mass weekly- and the staff and priest instruct incorrectly?[/quote:1skf4dhb]
Since I work in faith formation I think the bigger question is – what happens to the faith formation of a child who [i:1skf4dhb]doesn’t[/i:1skf4dhb] go to mass hardly ever and the staff or priest instruct incorrectly?

[quote:1skf4dhb]Catholicism can be viewed as “conservative” in comparison to other denominations and religions, and that poses problems and presents internal conflicts to catholics who are more, shall we say, liberal. [/quote:1skf4dhb]
Catholicism is also viewed as liberal in some areas as well (more politically speaking though).

I think what we have to keep in mind is that the Catholic Church is very, very large. There will be a wide variety of opinions on particular matters that are not black and white but those opinions are still in agreement with Church doctrine.

What we have to think about when someone teaches something in the name of the Church is “does it contradict the gospel?” If you can tell something is blatantly contradicting the core message of the faith then you know it is not truly Catholic. And in that case I think you should call the person on their words.

However, if you are not sure of something then pray about it and research it. Get some more opinions and weigh your options.

God is there to guide us. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />