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[quote:4ex5fces]There is no depth or intimacy to an altar call; you need further (or prior) instruction to even understand what an altar call is, what it means, and what it supposedly accomplished.[/quote:4ex5fces]
That’s exactly what I was getting at. I really think there is a lack of depth for those kinds of things. It seems more like entertainment than evangelization.

[quote:4ex5fces]I have a very low opinion of this form of evangelization (if you can even call it that). Many who convert through the altar call and follow-up meeting are truly seeking the meaning in their life. But when the high emotions fade, so too does their faith. Anti-Catholicism is sometimes used in these groups to keep that fire burning.[/quote:4ex5fces]
Now, how does that work? How does bashing a different faith work to keep the fire alive? :what: