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Going back to this question:
[quote:3dhjsy3i][i:3dhjsy3i]Who is this God and how do we know about him?[/i:3dhjsy3i][/quote:3dhjsy3i]
I don’t think it was fully addressed.

We already talked a little bit about what God is like using adjectives to describe him. But how does one come to a sense of God or how do we know about God in the first place?

God has revealed himself to us in many ways.
[b:3dhjsy3i] ¬? [/b:3dhjsy3i]Human experience
[b:3dhjsy3i] ¬? [/b:3dhjsy3i]Scriptures
[b:3dhjsy3i] ¬? [/b:3dhjsy3i]his Creation
We know God because he has directly spoken with some of our ancestors in faith. Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Mary, Peter and all the Apostles. God became a human being and walked and talked with us.

We have a good record of those experiences in our Scriptures. The Scriptures are a written account of the human experience of God. God’s word is also the Scriptures.

God also reveals himself to us in his wonderful creation and in the order of the universe. We know there is a God because of the order in the universe.