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Peace be with you Jon,

[quote:17h6uznw]A few minutes later he starts quoting the book of James (faith without works is dead) and says that he acts in accordance with his faith! Very contradictory if you ask me. [/quote:17h6uznw]

Very true. He show how much a political chameleon he is. He wants to claim his Faith to get voters, but he does not let his Faith guide he when it’s most important.

[quote:17h6uznw]Now, I understand that senators and representatives have a responsibility to vote in the manner which the constituents want but I think there should be some level of veto power by the senator or representative when an issue comes into conflict with morality. [/quote:17h6uznw] from topic[/url:17h6uznw]

This is true. So one could surmise the majority that voted the politician into office is supported in whole and in fact by that majority, correct? Then guidance of Faith would or should have been considered at the time of election. No if all of that is true then the politician acting upon sound judgment and guided by his/her faith is supported by the majority, those that elected him/her to represent them. Now my logic could be flawed but I don’t believe it is.

One may ask what about the others that was in the minority. Well that is a good question. I would suggest that their positions were considered but found lacking in some manner thus contrary to the majority who rules. We are a Country that was founded on the believe that the [b:17h6uznw]”Majority Rules”[/b:17h6uznw]. That is why we have elections and claim ourselves to be a Democracy. If it were not so, then we are subjects not members or our government, or simply under Fascist rule.

[quote:17h6uznw]According to John Kerry’s methodology how can he legislate anything? Isn’t believing murder is wrong an article of faith?[/quote:17h6uznw]

Yes it is. But, for murder to occur life had to exist. That is the nexus of this whole debate. If you do not believe life occurs prior to birth, then our argument is meaningless and what we quote from scripture and gospel have no value. The crux to all of this is you must believe that life begins at conception.

[quote:17h6uznw]He talked about how he grew up learning to respect the views of Catholics who believe abortion is wrong, but that he cannot legislate that article of faith.[/quote:17h6uznw]

If he is a “confirmed” Catholic then he is bound by Canon, Catechism, and the Magisterium. Basically, our Faith. (I use bound as it is mentioned in Matthew 16:19) So he can make no other choice but to agree that life occurs at conception and abortion is murder, the willful killing of another. Further, in Matthew 5:27-30 [i:17h6uznw](NRSV)[/i:17h6uznw] to think of a sin or that is okay is the same as committing it. So he’s guilty of that too.

[quote:17h6uznw]people who preach how wonderful it is that the Catholic Church has the magisterium to keep it straight, but yet when the magisterium says something they disagree with then the bishops are all wrong.[/quote:17h6uznw] from this article[/url:17h6uznw].


This sums up Senator Kerry for me, if he is Catholic as he claims he is.