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what asimonelli said reminds me of a talk I heard on a tape once. The priest that was talking asked what was in the center of all sin – I. s-I-n.

But what really irks me is that it seems to be cool these days to be disrespectful. In other words, people get respect from their peers for being disrespectful to others. It make no sense to me.

Relating that to this news story, I am dumbfounded that someone would have such a lack of respect for his or her parents that he or she would shoot them dead. There are deeper problems here and how do we address them?

In the big picture it seems that there is a growing trend for a lack of respect of authority and people put into those authority positions. Yes, it’s ok to question authority, but there are limits as to how to handle that questioning.

On the other side of that coin is the abuse of the authority that is given to certain people which can lead to a general mistrust of the people under that particular authority.

I also think parents and educators need to better equip our children with healthy conflict resolution skills. Violence does not solve problems, but only buries them deeper.