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Although I admit that I pray alone most of the time, except at Church and the dinner table, I believe both are needed. I think of three great examples from Holy Scripture. One is when Jesus got up early in the morning, before the people would come to visit him, and went off to a quite place to pray. Another is when the disciples/apostles and the Virgin Mary were gathered together praying right before Pentecost and the Lord answered by sending the Holy Spirit. The last one is when the faithful were praying together for the release of St Peter from prison and the Lord answered by sending an angel to free him.

From these examples, I believe both are very important in a Christian’s life. True in private devotions and prayers, we are united to our brothers and sisters in the Church in Purgatory and in Heaven, but I think there is also great power in praying with others here on this earth as well. I used to dislike holding hands when we pray together, but I think it really makes you aware of the others around you and that God has called together a family and not a bunch of individuals separate from each other. Was it not our Lord Jesus who said ‘when two or three are gathered in my name, I will be there in the midst of them’?

The only problem is that I get shy to start something like a prayer group. :oops: Also, some people don’t understand the power in it and tend to make fun of people who try as fanatics for just plain ‘weird’. <img decoding=” title=”Confused” /> Any suggestions?