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I appreciate both answers Fred’s and Jon and do agree with them .
I am looking forward to see other member’s comments .
I am a Catholic convert(32 years) and before Episcopalian , I have dedicated many years( 10-15 years) reading and studying apolegetics, history, Traditions ,traditions and I have gained a good sense of what it means to be a REAL Catholic. I have been in many stages and places ; Puerto Rico and Latin America where the charistmatic movement influenced my way of worshiping to the south of the U.S. , where I was member of a church where Latin Mass was a part of regular program.
I come to this forum to hear from other Catholics because I find myself evaluating the influenced and example I have been to others.

In the last year , two of my young adults children move to Non- Denominotal churches , their reason being that they needed to feel more challenge spritually and that the botton line being ” we all believe in the same God”. They feel I should be proud that they follow my example.
Just recently in my church i was given the task to prepare a youth activity in being , “100 % Catholic”.


I come to this forum to hear from other Catholics.