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What a great anything and everything subject, you have hit on a popular subject.

I will listen to most kinds of music, including other music than listed so far like bluegrass, reggae (with decent lyrics), even polka has its place in my heart. My favorites however are Christian, Jazz, and classical.

My least favorite is the old-fashioned country, the kind with the twangy guitar and crying in your beer music. I hope I am not offending anyone’s choice here. I am in my late forties-instead of having baby boomer parents who would play big band sound and stuff like that I grew up with a never ending saga from country music keeping me awake at nite-so I tend to not like it.

I do NOT like music that creates a ‘brainworm’, I hope nobody here remembers the song “knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipes…” Its songs like that—-just like Berrycat says-stick with you forever!

I don’t understand the dislike on this website of Popular Christian Rock. When I listen to those songs, I DO find myself singing all day, out loud or in my head, and what I end up picking up from those songs is all elements of prayer—-praise (especially praise), confession, thanksgiving, and supplication

the rythyms help me to pray alllllllll day long. Okay I made my point.

Actually I do invite more comments as to why folks don’t care for Christian music

only because I tend to use alot of it in my particular ministry. I would like to know your thoughts.