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[quote:3ezbtx51]Well, “reverent” is kind of subjective depending on what you are used to. [/quote:3ezbtx51]

I thank you and Benedict for your responses to my message.

I still possess a Latin/English missal and a Latin/Gaelic missal that I used years ago when I attended Mass in the Tridentine rite. My knowledge of Latin is poor but I was able to follow the Mass in English or in Gaelic.

The priest celebrant facing the congregation at Mass in the New Rite, can be a distraction for some people, I think.

It is a pity that many bishops did not respond to the Holy Father’s request to be generous in their response to requests for the Tridentine Mass from those who prefer it.

I feel that our religious leaders should not cause us hurt or confusion.

A priest once told me that “confusion is a good thing.”