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Doctors, Lawyers and Clerics. Those are the three vocations which have such a high fiduciary responsibility, such a sacred position of trust, that they are given the legal privilege of confidentiality. They may not be compelled to reveal what has transpired between themselves and their those they serve.

When the wolves in sheep’s clothing start helping themselves to the flock, it should be front page news. And the Catholic laity, which has been a passive infant worried about the effects of this black eye on their appearance, need to demand accountability as to who the perps are, where the one to two billion dollars of reparation came from and where it went, and need to demand that all gag orders on victims be lifted or otherwise our billion(s) amount to no more than hush money.

Soul of the Immaculate, pierced that the thoughts of all may be revealed, expose all thoughts and cleanse them in the living fire of your Son’s Sacred Heart. AMEN

Say, “AMEN” somebody!