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[quote:1ybibwy0]Of course, there are a long list of things God does that I am unable to explain.[/quote:1ybibwy0]

Yes, you are right, John. There are a lot of things that God can do that we can never understand.

With this knowledge that God can do amazing things beyond on our comprehension, how can any Christian say that they know for sure that another person is going to hell? I mean, you do not know what was on that other person’s heart or what God knows about that person. I know this may sound ridiculous, but there [i:1ybibwy0]is[/i:1ybibwy0] the possibilty that Adolf Hitler is in heaven. I mean, it is probably a very, very small probability, but my point is that God is the one who is in charge and has much more power than us. I think for us to try and limit God’s saving power is ridiculous. We can’t make the rules about God, we can only try to understand him.

That’s what I do not understand about people who subscribe to the Bible-alone beliefs. I mean, not only is it not biblical, but who are we to limit God to a set of books? God is not found only in the pages of Scripture, but in people and creation.

God is limitless as is his power. God can choose to save anyone he wants as well as reveal himself in ways other than paper and ink.