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Well, yes, I think priests do have more responsibility because they are in a public role. Similarly, the President and and corporate leaders hold more responsiblities since they represent what they work for. A priest works for Christ in the Church, he is regarded as a representative of the Catholic Church. Therefore, when it is discovered that a priest is human and/or and committed a sin, many people are shocked and the news media picks up on that. I think in the past 5 years, the news has become much more sensational (probably in and attempt to snag in more viewers). The other “perverts” would not generate that same shocked “need-to-know-more-about-this-headline” reaction so, guess who gets to be in the public eye? Yep, priests that make mistakes since it is the most shocking. I am not saying that the harrasment and child molestation are ok. No, far from it. But only that the media is risking some people’s faith and the good name of the Church by over-sensationalizing the sins of the priests.