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Yes, it is wonderful to see the teachings of Jesus have been around this long and will be for all time! I think that history also repeats itself, because really, many of the events that were going on during the time of Jesus are going on yet today, only maybe in a slightly different manner. The same temptations are present now, and the same sins that occured in the past are still committed today. However, when one looks at the big picture, what the Church has taught for over 2000 years has transcended time and will continue to do so because Jesus’ teachings will never expire. Man is responsibile for the variations of morals within society, but God does not change his teachings or morals.

To me, it is amazing to think that the Church has not only lasted through numerous wars and persecutions but also continues on with the same teachings that still are relevant today. Also not to be overlooked: the Church includes (and has included) millions of people that all believe and follow the same teachings throughout this vast time period!