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Hmmm, having given it thought it would seem that if you and your supporting evidence is true. If from the Pope down to the local Parish Priest all are infected with Modernism and other heretical teachings, and cannot be trusted to administer the Sacraments, or teach the Faith. So too according to what you write, few, yourself at the helm are still Catholics. But then you refuse a man bread, you do not tell us where we are to turn to. Only suggest in a hazy manner where we are to turn from..

Should we like the paranoid rantings of Hudson Gibson, simply remain at home because we cannot trust any priests to offer the Mass valdily? Or if valid they committ sacralige by not believing all as you would have them believe it? Or shall we follow the SSPX, who pay lip service to the Holy See, but reject his Authority, as given to St. Peter, the Rock, and handed down to this day in the Office as Vicar of Christ? If you do not tell us where we can find the Authentic Church, you would appear to be lacking in Charity, and seeking the ruin of souls. You have been asked this and other questions over and over, but you remain steadfast in ignoring them, if you are correct in rejecting what the Popes and Church have interpreted the Doctrine of the Church, and withold from us your secret home, are you not simply as guilty as those you charge with being Modernists and Heretics. Since you seem to have all the answers, why don’t you illuminte us?

As always you remain in my prayers