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I find it interesting that you would post as a support of your geocentric demands a webpage that supports a heleiocentric cosmos as being compatible with the teachings of the Catholic Church. While the site does have links to potentially dangerous sites like the SSPX in the UK, much of what it discusses is good.

There has never been as you have presumed a denial that Modernism has been condemned by the Church, nor that there has been a crisis in the Church which while pre-exhisiting Vatican II, flourished with priests and bishops both Arch-Conservative and Liberals, as well as others in the Church abandoning the guidance of the Church, and ignoring the Holy Father. Trying to be more Catholic than the Church and placing oneself as Judge over the Pope is just as dangerous a position as ignoring him. Don’t let yourself be caught on either extreme. Your presumption not simply that you can define who is a hertic, and outside the Church, and are able to understand better than the Pope and the Pontifical Commissions both before and after Vatican II, can dismiss them and impose your own De Fide requirements on all Catholics who need to come to you to. “come home” is a very dangerous thing.