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It’s not me you are arguing with, nor your websites. It’s Popes Pius XII, John Paul II, Benedict XVI. The Pontifical Biblical Commission, both before and after Vatican II, and the Pontifical Commission on Science.

It is fine if you try and pursuade people to accept the position you take, but you’ve gone beyond that. You label all who accept a possiblity other than a 6 day 24hr interpretation as a heretic and modernist, even when they conform to the teachings of the Church. Then you hide behind the battle cry of the Modernists, “If it ain’t Ex-Cathedra, I don’t have to believe it.”

So tell me is your position from Genesis Chapter 1 is that in 24 hour time periods, that on..

Day 1: The Creation of the heavens and the earth, light and darkness
Day 2: The firmarment above the waters, separating them
Day 3: Dry land was created, separating the water, plants and trees created.
Day 4: Two great lights and other smaller lights made in the firmament.
Day 5: Sea Creatures, Birds, created and willed to multiply.
Day 6: Beasts, Cattle, creaping things, created, Man Created male and female, all willed to multiply.Blessed by God and instructed to eat of the trees and seeds of the creation of day three.

If we do not believe this as absolute we are heretics?