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I’d like to chime in that it’s not simply homosexuality and “Gay” Marriage that is destructive, but any sexual behavior outside of marriage, and immoral behavior within marriage.

Homosexual or Heterosexual, there are standards of behavior we all have to follow. We need to resist the temptation to engage in sexual acts outside of Marriage, (Which as Catholics we believe can only occur between a man and woman.) And within Marriage, there are still standards that we must follow.

I think that sometimes we look at someone elses sinful behavior and forget that as Catholics, who are given spiritual strenght through the Sacraments, we need not only to speak up about moral truths, but also show how it is very possible to either overcome sinful lives and live not simply a moral life, but a joyfully moral life. When we pray for the strength to overcome sin, we should also pray to show the world the joy of living a life of Faith, and faithfulness to God’s law.

Thankfully we have the examples of several saints who have overcome immoral lives and though God’s grace transformed their lives.