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"Anon":2efgbi08 wrote:
I’m not entirely certain what you mean by ‘the same page of our spiritual walk’ but we have come to peaceful and supportive conclusions from where we both sit from that perceptive. As I said before, I am not Catholic and it is unlikely I ever will be, however I can and do provide the support that I can for her. I know more than enough of the faith now to help her uphold herself, and our children, when they need it.

Sex is the issue I asked about but it seems I have gotten advice on other aspects as well. I still do not know about the sexual part, I don’t what I expected to hear as far as advice goes. I had hoped there was some method, other resource or something, silly as that sounds.

Anyway, thanks for the posts that were made regarding that. If anyone has anything general on interfaith marriages or other useful thoughts, please don’t hesitate to mention it, I’d love as many opinions as possible.[/quote:2efgbi08]
You don’t mention what faith you are, if any. Or why it is unlikely that you would convert. I accept this as your knowledge, not as a criticism.

To be on the same page in a spiritual walk is that both parties have the spiritual life of the other party in mind. You would not do anything that would cause her to sin — you would not prevent her from practicing her faith — and you must be open to raising the children as Catholic as well, even while you do not convert. I’m in no way suggesting that you are doing any of the above, only giving you examples of the obligations of the non-Catholic spouse.

In that regard, when two are of the same faith, they have that much more in common — that common purpose of advancing each other’s spiritual life because they are on the same page — a common understanding and a common goals. You do not question her choice to pursue her faith (and I don’t think you are so I am speaking generally and not addressing you, specifically). Asking questions to understand why Catholics believe in a certain doctrine are understandable, but not to create conflict and criticize the other’s faith. Again, I don’t think you are doing that, but it does happen when two are not of the same faith. So, think about what happens when you are confronted with something within her Catholic faith and you just cannot understand it, and how will you deal with your inability to accept or understand something?

Sexual temptation is not limited to Catholics – we are all tempted. But it’s true what the poster said — interfaith marriage brings up all other kinds of questions and problems, and they don’t only have to do with sex. Many do.

I suggest you study up on the marital union for Catholics because it has a two-fold purpose — unification and procreation — since you are on the marriage track. You need to research this together so that you understand the teachings of the Church on the issue of marital sex as well (the Church’s teachings, the prohibitions against artificial birth control and the Church’s position on natural family planning — NFP) — as this will come up and it will affect the marriage if you are not “on the same page” with post-marital issues if you do not accept the teachings or see the need to conform, and she does.

I only bring this up, not to preach to you, but to suggest that this may come up and you might have a conflict after you are married. You asked for other questions that arise in inter-faith marriages. If these come up will you be able to deal with them — accept them, while not preventing her from remaining true to her faith? It could be her weekly obligation to attend Mass when it conflicts with something else you had planned and the Church’s schedule does not conform to your plans. Can you accept that? Raising the children as Catholics? That’s being on the same page.

The other advice is all good. Easy for me to say; not so easy to do, I realize that.

Good luck and God Bless.