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[quote:1mjx0c8g]Fortunately, we can trace the Catholic Church back to the Apostles, which, to me, suggests it can more faithfully interpret the Scriptures.[/quote:1mjx0c8g]
Definitely… Here is what St. Augustine had to say about this with emphasis mine [quote:1mjx0c8g]”What the universal Church holds, [b:1mjx0c8g]not as instituted [invented] by councils[/b:1mjx0c8g] but as something always held, [b:1mjx0c8g]is most correctly believed to have been handed down by apostolic authority[/b:1mjx0c8g]. Since others respond for children, so that the celebration of the sacrament may be complete for them, it is certainly availing to them for their consecration, because they themselves are not able to respond”[/quote:1mjx0c8g]