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First, Thank you for taking so much time to answer and provide the the information on two other sites. The first may be too active for me, and navigation is a bit confusing but I registered. I also found what I believe is the answer to my marriage on the site already — it will likey require an annulment.

As to the other site, Fr. Z., I am waiting to hear if I am accepted.

I posted those examples from “fisheaters” only as examples of what they say should be avoided. I do not know what was in the Pope’s heart when he entered a Mosque so I really am in no position to judge whether or not he violated Church teaching on participation in other religious ceremonies.

I will admit however, that I do not understand altar girls and Eucharist Ministers — remember I grew up in a time when even I could not touch the Host. And, IMHO, no religion is a democracy. Though we have equal rights for women here in this country, I see no concurrent obligation on the part of the Church to allow women to serve on the altar or to become priests — and I find no contradiction. Personally, I have always had a problem with the United Nations — but again, I cannot know what is in the Vatican’s heart by supporting the U.N., or having an emissary to the U.N., though I do not for secular reasons.

However, I do have one question that I think falls under the Ordinary Magisterium. When Pope Benedict XVI opened up the use of condoms in order to prevent a greater sin — the passing on of deadly disease, I assume he was not speaking Ex Cathedra and this falls under Ordinary Magisterium. Yes? No?

Now use of condoms has long been prohibited and is Church teaching. Would a site like “fisheaters” believe that the Pope was in error and violating Church teaching — even if they do not accept Benedict as the current Pope (putting that aside for the moment)? It is my understanding that the lessening of the prohibition applies to prostitution — both male and female, which [prostitution] is also against Church teaching.

You see, I’m conflicted. This disease spreads in Africa at an alarming rate where some shaman teach that rape is the cure. On the other hand, the opening of usage of condoms might lead to that slippery slope whereby people will begin to see condom use as acceptable, misinterpreting the Pope’s intent. On the other hand, I do agree that passing on a deadly disease is a greater sin, as the Pope said. As I second guessing too?

If this is not a proper question, I will remove it. However, thank you for taking so much time and providing me with more links.

Are sites like “fisheaters” to be avoided? I do accept Benedit XVI as the Pope of the Church, so I am not swayed by pretenders or those who might claim that the Church has no legitimate Head.