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Stations of the Cross

    1. Jesus is Condemned
      As God’s own people, we have Christ as our head. He delivered himself up for our sins. In accepting a cruel death, he won for us the right to eternal bliss with God our Father.
    2. Jesus takes his cross
      As the redeemed of the Lord, we are called to walk in his footsteps of the humble, cross-bearing Christ. Each of us has his daily cross to bear to be worthy to share our Savior’s glory.
    3. The First Fall
      The only safe way to the promised land is the way of the cross. As pilgrims here, we retrace the same path Christ trod for our salvation. Through trial and affliction, we go forward with eyes fixed on our heavenly goal.
    4. Jesus meets his mother
      The mother of Jesus cares for all the redeemed who still journey on this earth. Her spiritual maternity will last until all the elect are safe in the heavenly fatherland. She helps on the sorrowful way to keep our gaze focused on our true home.
    5. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus
      Love of God and of neighbor marks the true disciple of Christ. When God was a very close neighbor, Simon of Cyrene hesitated. He had to be compelled to help our Redeemer carry his cross.
    6. Veronica wipes Jesus’ face
      As God’s chosen ones, we are to show mercy and compassion in our dealings with others. It is our mission to comfort the sorrowing, to put new heart into the disheartened, and to raise the spirits of those we meet.
    7. Jesus falls again
      As God’s own people, we continue our search for a future and abiding city. The road is long and rugged, not always easy to follow. When we fall, we must rise again like our Savior on his way to Calvary.
    8. Jesus speaks to the women
      The theater of our earthly pilgrimage is sometimes a valley of tears. The daughters of Jerusalem weeping for our Savior were reminded, as we are now, that they had reason to weep for themselves and their children.
    9. The third fall
      Our cross-bearer stumbled a third time in the dust, yet won a name which is above all names. But the hour of shame had to precede his hour of glory. So must it be for all of us, the people that he has redeemed.
    10. Jesus is stripped of his clothing
      We purify and renew ourselves that the vision of Christ may shine more brightly in the church and the world. So we strip ourselves of deeds of darkness; we cast off all hindrances to our growth in the new life of Christ.
    11. Jesus is nailed to the cross
      They crucified him, mocked his dignity and deprived him of physical freedom. Thus he acquired for us our heritage, the dignity and the freedom of the sons of God.
    12. Jesus dies on the cross
      He was holy, innocent and undefiled. He knew nothing of sin, but came to blot out the sins of the world. He proved his love by laying down his life for us.
    13. Jesus is taken down from the cross
      At the end of our earthly journey, we, like our blessed Redeemer, are taken down from the cross of this life. United with him in the likeness of his death, we shall be so in the likeness of his resurrection also.
    14. Jesus is laid in the tomb.
      In God’s plan, each of us becomes acquainted with suffering until death finally closes our eyes. But the grave will not hold us captives forever. In God’s hour we shall rise, nevermore to die.

God, our heavenly Father, we raise our minds and hearts to you in praise and thanksgiving. Though weak and sinful, we wish to follow your only Son, our Lord Jesus, on the way of the cross. May your Holy Spirit help us use our Savior’s strength effectively in our place in life.

We ask the special aid of our Blessed Lady, ever Virgin and Mother, in following Christ and in making his way of the cross our way of life. Amen.

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