Are Crystals a Sin?

Crystals are even easily available now to buy from online or local shops and some are being encouraged to use in your everyday life. Is this something you should partake in as a Catholic? Are Crystals a sin? Well, let’s dive in a bit deeper.

people sitting on church pew inside church

Is Not Attending Church a sin?

In the Catholic Faith, Attending Church is one of the most important practices that we must partake in. It is the foundation of the faith, and therefore must not be missed. Let’s dive in deeper and discuss the importance of attending Mass and if missing it is a sin.

person holding wand on top of bowl

Is Magic a Sin?

When people talk about Magic, there are always two sides to it. The first side is the one that focuses on entertainment, something you see in a magic show where there are card tricks, or pulling out a bunny from a hat. The other kind of magic refers to the belief and use of spells, charms, and supernatural powers.