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    The Bible was written by 40+ authors over a span of more than 1500 years. The authors were from various walks of life:

    Moses was a leader trained in the universities of Egypt

    Solomon was a king

    Joshua was a military general

    Peter was a fisherman

    Luke was a doctor

    Matthew was a tax collector

    Paul was a Jewish leader

    Daniel was a politician

    Amos was a herdsman

    It was written in prison (Paul), the wilderness (Moses), in a palace (Daniel), while on travel (Luke) and on a island (John). The writers wrote in different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek) and lived in different countries (from Egypt to Rome and probably on out to Persia).

    In spite of being written by so many different authors from so many walks of life, who lived in different lands in different times, and addressing so many controversial subjects, the Bible speaks in complete harmony. It has one overiding theme:

    [color=red:23i3r20y]God’s redemption of man.[/color:23i3r20y]

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